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Goal Craze – Local Tampa SEO Company Services is a search engine optimization (SEO) company proudly servicing Lakeland, Florida. Our Lakeland SEO Company uses data-driven and proven SEO techniques to grow your website’s traffic and ability to be discovered and increase your leads and conversions.

Lakeland, FL is located in Polk County and is very close to where Goal Craze Lakeland SEO Company is located, meaning we have the utmost knowledge of the area.

Lakeland Florida‘s population as of 2019 was 112,136. It is the largest city on Interstate 4 between Orlando and Tampa. Some large industries in the Lakeland area include citrus, cattle, and phosphate mining.

From an amusement standpoint, Lakeland has places like the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, SUN ‘n FUN Fly-in, Lake Mirror Park, Hollis Garden, and more to enjoy.

With the growth of people moving and visiting Lakeland, business is booming and competition for small businesses becomes tougher than ever before.

In Lakeland, the businesses that you hear about are the businesses that nail their SEO either internally or with a top-notch Lakeland SEO Company, like Goal Craze.

Goal Craze is a full-service Lakeland SEO company helping local small businesses in Lakeland, Florida and around the United States improve their website rankings and bring in more leads with a higher conversion rate.

Our Lakeland SEO Clients Get Results

Kyle Theodore

Lakeland SEO Company


Goal Craze has literally changed my life. I have more leads than I can keep up with for my pressure washing business. When people type “pressure washing near me” or “power washing near me”, they find.. ME! Their affordable SEO services are definitely worth it. I personally make back that money within a day or two right now. Highly recommend!

Barkley Goodwin

Lakeland SEO Services


Professional and SEO Results have been amazing so far for my local small business!! Soo happy that I got away from my old SEO agency and went with Goal Craze. Better progress and making more money! $$

Dustin Alexander

Lakeland SEO Agency


Best SEO Company I’ve ever had! Business had been good, but I wanted more Roofing Leads, so I decided to change from my long-term SEO Agency to Goal Craze. They are excellent and will show you how to get roofing leads. Might as well put “roofing leads for sale” on their website! lol. But seriously, if you want the best Roofing SEO, outside of my area, contact Goal Craze now!

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Keyword Research & Strategy

Our Lakeland SEO Company does in-depth keyword research to find relevant and high opportunity words that will help your target market find your local Lakeland business. We do a competitor analysis for your small business to uncover what is successful in your area for the clients that you want. Trust Our Lakeland SEO experts to ensure that your services are found online by your target market.

Content Writing

Content writing with highly optimized content that is both quality for the reader and SEO friendly is one of the biggest strengths of our Lakeland SEO services. At Goal Craze, we don’t practice anything sketchy like extreme keyword stuffing because we have the knowledge and expertise to know when something of that nature will possibly hurt your rankings by getting you penalized on search engines. We put our SEO keyword research to use with our content writing by boosting the phrases that matter to your audience when searching and adding relevance to your local area and industry.

Link Building

At Goal Craze – Local Lakeland SEO Company Services, we believe that backlink building is essential for your website. The goal with link building is to show that your site is credible and give search engines more confidence to help you rank higher. One way our Lakeland SEO company does this is by earning links from websites in your niche and industry that have high authority. With our link-building SEO strategy, your business will earn referral traffic and possibly a new source for extra leads.

Local SEO

At Goal Craze, we specialize in local search engine optimization and aim to grow your brand presence online and offline in the areas and cities that your business operates. We create a local Lakeland search engine optimization strategy for the cities your business wants to target by optimizing unique content and business information. Our SEO company in Lakeland, FL, can have the most significant immediate impact with your Google My Business (GMB) listing on Search and Maps since most customers will probably end up finding you there first!

On-Page SEO

Our Lakeland SEO experts are constantly on top of their game with your search engine performance and audit your SEO strategy often. On-page search engine optimization addresses SEO factors that we can easily control and improve, such as how mobile-friendly your site is and how optimized your website’s content title tags, meta descriptions, and page structure are.

Technical SEO

Some other Lakeland SEO companies might not focus on the technical aspect due to flawed thinking, but our Lakeland SEO Agency knows that differences in page load time can be make or break for potential clients. One of our top priorities for our Lakeland SEO experts is to make sure that your website loads quickly and has excellent user-friendly experiences. Our technical SEO specialists ensure that your site is being crawled and indexed properly by Google and other search engines.

Why Choose Goal Craze As Your Lakeland SEO Agency

Boost Website Traffic And Win New Customers

With a market full of digital marketing firms comes a higher risk of fake SEO “experts” and flawed and outdated SEO companies. It is more important than ever to ensure that you partner with a Lakeland SEO Company that you can trust to care about your local business more than they care about simply profiting. 

At Goal Craze – Local Lakeland SEO Company Services, we make sure that our top priority is making your business as much money as we can generate for you via traffic and leads. We make sure that your specific business goals, message, and target customer audience are at the front of our minds throughout our journey together to grow your business more than ever.

Not all SEO companies have your best interests in mind, as many will look at your business as just another client. Other SEO agencies play a numbers game, but at Goal Craze, we treat your small business as if it were our own and don’t take it lightly that you are entrusting your business to us! We love to prove our clients right in choosing to hire our Lakeland SEO Company!

Our Lakeland SEO experts create an extremely strong foundation for your business’ brand visibility with targeted keywords and a completely optimized user experience for your targeted customers. We work hard and efficiently to make your site rank in more locations for high-volume keywords for your target customers, generating more leads for your business.

Goal Craze – Local Lakeland SEO Company Services offers SEO Services in Lakeland FL, South Tampa FL, Tampa FL, Wesley Chapel FL, St. Petersburg FL, Orlando FL, Brandon FL, Clearwater FL, and everywhere else around Florida and the United States.

Here are some more reasons you should partner with Goal Craze’s Lakeland SEO Company:

We Are Committed To Your Success

At Goal Craze, we consider ourselves your business partner with the sole purpose of growing your business. Our Lakeland SEO Company devises a customized strategy to get your business the SEO results you need, according to your SEO package and specified goals. We are dedicated to helping your local small business reach its goals and grow while never looking back.

Long-Term Results

Our Lakeland SEO agency has data-driven SEO strategies with proven results all around the United States. We’re proud and humbled to have driven significant growth for our clients through our experience in various industries. At Goal Craze – Local Lakeland SEO Company Services, you can be sure that our digital strategies lead directly to consistent success for your small business.

Creative Strategies

We focus our Lakeland SEO services on the best ways to improve your site’s visibility and grow your leads. With the SEO industry having a constant fluctuation of best strategies, our team at Goal Craze is always on the ball with testing and developing cutting-edge ideas to get ahead of the competition. We proudly gather our research data and insight to ensure that our strategies are constantly up-to-date and relevant to Google and your target audience.

Analytics & Tracking

Our Lakeland SEO experts are data-driven in almost everything they do when optimizing your campaigns and making critical decisions and strategies. We utilize the best tracking and analytics platforms to ensure that all your campaign data is accurate and updated. At Goal Craze, we monitor the performance of our Lakeland SEO services constantly to stay on the right track and deliver the best results possible.


At Goal Craze – Local Lakeland SEO Company Services, we uphold the highest values, especially when it comes to honesty and integrity. Our Lakeland SEO agency will never over-promise you and will shoot it straight with you every time. We work with you to set realistic goals and timelines for the overall process. To go one step further, we provide you exclusive access to your SEO data through a secure online dashboard to check progress and specific rankings.

Dedicated Lakeland SEO Company

By hiring Goal Craze, you get a highly dedicated Lakeland SEO Company here for your business. Our Lakeland SEO specialists do everything in their power to bring in the most leads that we can for you. As a small business owner, we know that you are looking for the best value for your brand, and our affordable SEO services will not let you down. Our Lakeland SEO team keeps our communication lines open to respond quickly to your needs. We honestly enjoy the trust of being a growth partner for your local business.

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